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Monika Evelyn. 21 years young. You see, there's nothing to do anymore. Everything decent's been done. All the great themes have been used up. Turned into theme parks. So I don't really find it exactly cheerful to be living in the middle of a totally, like, exhausted decade where there's nothing to look forward to and no one to look up to.

The Harry Potter series American edition cover art by Mary GrandPré (x)

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I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded.

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Disney Alphabet

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Marauders Appreciation Week [5/7] - One Rivalry

The three Black daughters were inseparable as children, but the Wizarding War broke families apart without discrimination. Andromeda’s marriage to a Muggleborn cracked deep fractures in their sisterhood. Bellatrix, the eldest, went mad with the belief that pureblood supremacy must be imposed. Andromeda, the middle sister, tried to put as much distance as possible between herself and the bloodshed. All the while, Narcissa, the youngest, only wanted to keep her family together. As a trio, the Black sisters had intelligence, power, and cunning. Apart, the filthy war would ruin them all. 

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Wow Guardians of the Galaxy looks great


Wow Guardians of the Galaxy looks great

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Jennifer Lawrence was hungry on the Red Carpet, so Jeannie gave her some Pop Rocks to hold her over until pizza time.

You can see the exact moment where her polite ‘Thank you’ switched into the pure childlike excitement of ‘HOLY SHIT POP ROCKS YEAH’

Okay but look at the reporters face and see how excited she is also.

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